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Gemstone Feather Barefoot Sandals

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One of a Kind - Barefoot Sandals - Feather Sandals - Foot Jewelry - Yoga - Earthing - Natural Feathers - Leather Sandals - Handmade - Amethyst - Turquoise - Black Obsidian - Multi-Gemstone

*Cruelty Free Feathers
*Suede Leather Lace
*One Size Fits All
*Genuine Gemstone Centers:

Connect with nature as you explore the world, barefoot!
These stylish barefoot sandals are created with cruelty free, chicken feathers collected on my farm! We love our free range chickens, they not only provide us with delicious eggs, but leave behind unique feathers, ready for collecting daily!
The feathers have been washed in Woolite and dried back to a beautiful fluff.
I've adorned the center of the feather disc with natural gemstones. You have a choice of Black Obsidian, Amethyst, Turquoise or a Multi-Gemstone mix. The feather disc is attached to soft, deerskin suede leather, available in tan or chocolate brown. It is cut in a generous length of approximately 32" on each side, giving you plenty of room to wrap up your legs and tie them. The ends are adorned with wooden beads and feathers.

Every pair is uniquely created with natural feathers!

One size fits all design.

During check out please choose:
Black Obsidian

Leather Color:

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*The second photo is modeled by the talented Katlyn, you can check out her yoga workouts on Instagram @katlynlkm or visit her site www.beachbodycoach.com/Katlynlkm89

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